Himalayan Salt

Salt is an essential element to proper functioning of your body.  Homer called it the “gift of the gods”.  The word salary was derived from the Latin word for salt.  Although I haven’t stated it in my recipes, I only use  Himalayan Salt and have for years.  Himalayan salt is mined by hand in the ancient Himalayan mountains where it was formed 250 million years ago, before toxins and pollutants.  It is the only pure form of salt available to us today.  Even sea salt is no longer free of toxins and pollutants from the oceans.  Himalayan salt is 85% pure NaCl, sodium chloride, and 15% trace elements, all 84 trace elements already found in the body.  Because it’s crystals are small enough to be absorbed by the cells, it helps promote electrolyte balance…unlike table salt, which needs 23 times more water to neutralize its effects, hence the swelling you experience after eating processed foods.  Once you begin to use Himalayan salt, you will notice your foods taste better, need less salt for flavor and your tissues won’t swell up from retained water.