Ghee (clarified butter)

Ghee is more than just clarified butter, it is cooked longer to remove all its moisture and to caramelize the dairy solids…giving the butter liquid a nutty flavor…and you can store it at room temperature in a dark pantry or cupboard for months if you don’t allow any moisture to contaminate it, or light to cause it to oxidize and become rancid.  Simply melt unsalted butter in a pan over medium low heat. Allow it to simmer.  The butter will separate into a top layer of foam (water content) the middle layer of butter liquid, and the bottom layer of dairy solids. After ~ 30 minutes the foam will evaporate.  Watch the translucent butter closely, stirring now and then until the dairy solids turn a light brown but before they burn.  Now remove pan from the heat, skim away any remaining foam on top and allow the ghee to cool before straining it through a sieve, or spooning the only the clear, golden butter liquid into a clean storage jar, discarding the milk solids at the bottom.  It is recommended that ghee not be stored in the refrigerator.  Prevent moisture from forming inside the jar.  This ghee can be used to accompany lobster, paint filo leaves for baklava or spanakopita, saute, sweat or flavor your cooking/baking/roasting when you want that rich butter flavor and aroma without the burnt dairy solids.