About Me

Greetings and salutations my fellow adventurers into this magnificent mystery we call life!  Allow me to paint the canvas of your mind using my palette of words and images to show you the merely extraordinary and truly delicious…if you are curious, open my pages and journey with me…..

Banker by day, blogger by night…I am Trudy…born too many years ago in Hawaii, raised in Michigan, married and divorced in Massachusetts…reverse manifest destiny in action!  In between, I raised two brilliant and beautiful children, and now enjoy an equally brilliant and beautiful daughter-in-law as well. Some of what has kept me busy over the years include:  a BS in Biology, Alpha Chi Omega sorority, crowned Miss Central Michigan University 1970, National Cherry Queen in 1971, appointed to the first Michigan Women’s Commission, co-authored a patent on cellulosic encapsulation of citrus oils (like flavor enhancers used in the popular drink Tang) while working for Dow Chemical… and in between swim meets, lacrosse games, and charitable fundraising was co-proprietor of Country Cuisine food shop, catered, taught cooking classes and wrote a food column for the local newspaper.

I find myself enthralled in the ongoing process of creating myself as a daughter/wife/mother/chemist/caterer/financial consultant/computer consultant/writer/philosopher/banker ….and now with the encouragement of all my children, I am embarking on the challenging path of becoming a foodie blogger!

Wow…it’s good to be me!  Fifteen years ago I’d never of heard of blogging, and now I’m a minute cog in an endless universe of bloggers!  The first forty years I spent mastering the left brain, scientific, technical details side of this grand illusion we all call life…however, these past 20 odd years have revealed a creative side of me that is emerging, growing …which I find quite amazing!

As a spirit having a human experience, I walk through life’s lessons evolving toward a goal of absolute love…joy-riding this universe, eagerly awaiting all the masters and grasshoppers of my life…discovering this reality so filled with miracles and enchantments, divine dichotomies and breathless beauty that it takes a lifetime to appreciate it all.

Thank you for joining me for even a moment on this grand journey through the mysteriously interwoven tapestry of life!  I am blessed with the luxury to make the choices which nurture and enrich my existence…choices to build a firm foundation of character and integrity and humor…I have been gifted with the ability to choose, create and give both joy and love in great abundance in order to appreciate and experience how truly magnificent life can be!

Come share all this bounty with me, as I choose to be the greatest version of the grandest vision I have for myself!

And as I share my thoughts, recipes and images here, may you find your life filled with love and joy…both the giving and receiving thereof.  May your friendships be many and varied and rich in character and experience.  May the sun become for you a symbol of unconditional love, forever rising yet another day to share its brilliant life-giving light with all creation.  May you remember all the ‘suns’ in your life…tell them how truly magnificent they are, that they may feel they are the reason for each day’s dawning!  May your heart be filled to overflowing with peace, not just this day, but every moment.  May your eyes shine with gratitude for all the miracles that surround you.  May your mind be awed by the wonder of that caterpillar transforming into a butterfly…that bulb into a flower…that seed into a fruit tree.  May  your soul feel the enchantment of all that is within and without… that you may find understanding and wisdom and feel truly nurtured.

“To see a World in a grain of sand

and Heaven in a wild flower,

To hold Infinity in the palm of your hand,

and Eternity in an hour…”

~William Blake~